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How to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

When you think of burglaries, you probably picture someone entering a home through a door, whether the back door, front door, or through a garage. That’s why you make sure your doors are solid and secure, with functional locks and even security sensors.

But there’s another aspect of your home that deserves your attention: your windows. If your windows are unstable in their frame, slightly cracked, easily accessible from ground level, or easily breakable, your home is an attractive target for burglars.

For this reason, Zen Windows Portland can offer burglar-proofing window solutions to make sure your home is safe and secure.

Why Burglar-Proof Windows Are Essential

You probably think that other security measures such as a home security system, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors on doors and windows are enough to secure your home; they certainly help deter burglars or at least alert you to their presence. But wouldn’t you rather keep burglars from being able to enter in the first place? Secure windows can do that.

How Secure Are Your Windows?

Are your home windows secure enough? Zen Windows has identified some ways you can determine if the windows in your home are safe and secure enough to keep out intruders.

Security Locks

The windows in your home provide necessary light and ventilation, but if they’re not properly secured, these access points can be a boon to potential burglars. Burglar-proof windows such as our double-hung windows feature strong crescent locks, while our awning and casement windows come with hooked-shaped locks and durable crank mechanisms. Our bay windows also feature hooked-shaped locks on the sashes to secure them properly. At Zen Windows Portland, you can count on our windows to be strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Location of Your Windows

If you have windows on the ground floor and any second-story windows that may be easy to reach with a bit of climbing, they are especially vulnerable to predators. Keep only the hard-to-reach windows open when sleeping, like those on your top floor, away from any flat roofing. It’s also a good idea to open only those windows visible from the street and are easily visible to neighbors.

Not only do you want to close and securely lock these windows while you’re away from home and while you’re sleeping, but we also suggest that you check to see how secure these windows really are. Our slider windows have user-friendly locks and feature secure latches that stop the sashes from moving when locked to make security simple.

Access to Exterior Windows

Not only should you close and securely lock your windows and consider their location, but you may also keep in mind that most windows do not actively discourage exterior access. Zen Windows’ high-quality windows can deter access from outside your home.

Features of Burglar-Proof Windows in Portland

Some features that we recommend to help reinforce window security include:

  • High-quality locks
  • Impact-resistant windows, which burglars will find very difficult to break
  • Energy-efficient glass windows and frames ― several options offer triple-paned and double-strength glass
  • Durable vinyl frames

Additional Ways to Secure Your Home

There are some additional steps you can take to help bolster your security for intruders who attempt to enter your home through your windows.

Keep Up With Your Landscaping

We recommend that you keep trees and shrubbery pruned to avoid hiding windows from view and providing cover for would-be burglars. Adding thorny shrubbery around the windows of your home would be an unpleasant surprise for an intruder!

Install Locks

This may sound peculiar but installing additional locks is a great tip. The more locks installed on your window, the more difficult it becomes for an intruder to break through them.

Add a Layer of Protection With Home Security Systems

Along with window locks, adding motion lights and security cameras around the perimeter of your home will also create a stronger barrier between intruders and your family. The more difficult it is for burglars to break into your home, the safer you and your family will be.


Quality Replacement Windows in the Portland Area

Putting the above measures in place will protect your home and family from being the next target for a burglar who may want to break in through your windows. While no single tactic will prevent a burglar from attempting to enter your home, combining as many restraints as possible can help minimize the potential risk to the people and property you want to protect.

When you want burglar-proof strong, durable windows at a competitive price, turn to our team at Zen Windows Portland.

To learn more about how we can help you safeguard your home with burglar-proof windows, please call us at (866) 498-4239 or reach out online.

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