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Are Your Windows Leaking When It Rains?

rain on the windowLiving in the Portland area, rain is a constant companion throughout the year, making even a minor leak in your windows more noticeable and likely to lead to trouble. Even if you aren’t seeing actual precipitation entering your home, leaky windows could be the source of a lot of damage and discomfort over time — which is why it’s crucial to identify the problem and resolve it quickly.

Today, we’ll look at why windows might start to leak, how to spot less obvious leaks, and what you should do to resolve the issue moving forward.

Why Your Windows Might Be Leaking

Windows can leak for countless reasons — figuring out which one applies to your windows can be essential to finding the right solution and ensuring the problem doesn’t repeat itself elsewhere. Common causes for window leaks include:

  • Damaged weatherstripping and seals along the edge of your window
  • Improper installation of your windows or seals
  • Damage allowing gas filling to leak or a pane to be otherwise disturbed
  • A damaged windowsill or frame letting rain in around the edges
  • Problems with your roof or gutters pushing too much rain at your window and causing leaks

It’s important to realize that window leaks are a problem even if they’re minor — and there’s always a root cause and solution.

Common & Not-So-Common Signs of a Window Leak

If you’re not sure your windows are leaking in the rain because the window is out-of-the-way or the leak is minor, then it’s important to learn the secondary signs of a leak. If you see a stream of water coming in from your window, you can be confident you have a leak — but you might also have a leak if you spot signs such as:

  • Water dripping near your window
  • Damp spots on the wall, windowsill, or floor below the carpet
  • Excessive condensation on your window — could be a leak or a poor seal
  • Rotted wood on the exterior of the home or warped paint in the interior near your window
  • Drafty windows, even when they’re closed
  • Poor insulation against noise, air, etc.
  • Pests or mold in the vicinity of a window with no other water source

All of these can lead to damage and discomfort if unattended — so you should act promptly to resolve the issue with a window replacement.

Benefits of Replacing a Window vs. Replacing Panes or Glass

When you notice a leak and need it solved, assuming the problem isn’t merely weatherstripping and quickly repaired, you’ll be looking at options for repairing or replacing a window. In most cases, a window replacement will offer more benefits to a home than simply replacing the glass.

By replacing your window, you can solve all potential problems in one move, without leaving any room for the possibility of paying for repairs only to find out you still have a leak for one reason or another.

Replacing a problematic window also lets you:

  • Enjoy improved energy efficiency through better materials and a better seal.
  • Improve the value of your home by replacing the whole window instead of just glass.
  • Get a better fit for your home’s aesthetic and physical properties than you might currently have.
  • Benefit from full warranty coverage for any problems in the near future.
  • Get a better, tighter seal against the elements than you would get from a simple glass replacement.

Ready To Replace a Leaky Window? Trust Zen Windows Portland

When you need professional assistance to deal with a leaking window in your Portland area home, contact the experts at Zen Windows Portland. We’ll make buying windows as painless as possible and cap off a perfect installation with extensive warranty coverage for the years ahead. Don’t let leaking windows dampen the comfort and safety of your home.

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