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Financing With Zen Windows

Why settle for less than what you desire for replacement windows or doors when instead your project could be EXACTLY the way you want it? With the help of Zen Windows financing options, Portland homeowners can enjoy choosing the replacement doors or windows they want exactly the way they want them while keeping monthly payments comfortably affordable.

Financing with Zen Windows comes through GreenSky, America’s leading financing program for home improvement projects. You can complete the financing process with GreenSky almost entirely online, and you’ll have a credit decision almost immediately in most cases.

Financing Plans We Offer

12 Months Same As Cash

The 12 months same as cash option lets you pay for your project over a 12 month period with no added interest. The breakdown of your monthly payments is entirely up to you. For example, a project with a total cost of $5,000 could break down to $416.67 per month over the course of the year. However, you could choose to make a large down payment initially and have significantly smaller payments throughout the rest of the loan period. For example, you could start with $1,500 for the first month and only need to pay $318.18 per month until the end of the payment period. It’s all up to you.

(Note: If the loan is not paid off within the 12-month period, you’ll owe interest on the entirety of the loan.)

Low APR For 84 Months

For homeowners who prefer a standard low APR loan program, we offer an option with 9.99% APR over the life of the loan, with the option to extend up to 84 payments. Payments will generally be about 2% of the loan; for example, on a $5,000 loan, you would have a $100 payment each month. There are no prepayment penalties on the loan, so if you have extra money at any point, you can go ahead and pay off the balance.

Ready to Arrange Financing?

Step 1: Apply

Contact us and give us a bit of information so that we can fill out our application for you.

Step 2: Get A Decision

We get back to you FAST with an answer… and that answer will likely be “YES!”

Step 3: Get Started

Once you confirm that you want to proceed, we can get your project started!

Remember: Applying doesn’t obligate you to accept any financing offered; making an application is completely risk-free. We recommend taking the time to explore your financing options to fully understand your choices for financing your project.


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