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Our Golden Rules

Shopping for windows can be nerve-wracking. So many options — size, style, color, accessories — not to mention the question of who should install the windows once you’ve chosen them. It would be easy to get overwhelmed. But as with any complicated process, sticking to a few simple rules can make the process easier and put your worries to rest.

Use These Guidelines for a Relaxed Buying Experience & Superior Results

ALWAYS Deal With the Company Owner

The owner of a company has a vested interest in the company’s well-being, which means they have a vested interest in satisfying customers — they aren’t just there to collect their paycheck and call it a day. At worst, working with the owner will make it clear when you can’t expect much from a poorly managed company, so you can move on to one that you can rely on to get the job done right.

NEVER Give a Contractor a Down Payment

A company in Portland doing well for itself isn’t working from paycheck to paycheck, using down payments to keep up with material and labor costs. A business like that is constantly at risk of failing and will be desperate to cut corners to stave off collapse; you want to work with window companies that aren’t going to ask homeowners upfront. Perhaps most importantly, no reputable and healthy window company expects you to pay before services are rendered.

ONLY Hire a Window Company With a Great Reputation

Sales and marketing exist to tell customers exactly what they want to hear, exactly when they need to hear it to make a good impression. However, past customers will tell you everything you need to hear, good and bad, whether it’s convenient for the company or not. You want to work with a company with strong online reviews and high ratings in all the usual places for consumer feedback, such as Angie’s List (now Angi), Yelp, or Houzz.  A few reviews from real customers from these websites will tell you more about a window company than an infinite number of sales pitches ever could.

DON’T Shop on Price Alone

If you’re going for the lowest possible cost and spending under $200 on windows, you’re all but guaranteed to regret it at some time in the next few months — if you’re lucky, maybe in a year. Remember, you’re talking about something that needs to do the work of a wall while being transparent and having moving parts. Once you start cutting costs, you’ll find you have poor energy efficiency, hideous designs, and structural integrity guaranteed to fail at shocking speeds. Keeping costs that low also tends to mean working with underqualified or overworked crews; you’ll be working with either a properly paid team cutting corners to rush through jobs or an inexperienced crew full of day laborers paid per window or with dreadfully low wages.

Consider this: You’re paying someone to put holes in your home and fill them back up. Make sure they’re doing it right, or that hole in your home is going to be a big problem sooner or later. Of course, overcharging isn’t unheard of in the industry either — make sure you understand what you’re paying for.

ENJOY the Process

Don’t let your Portland window company dictate terms to you or push you into any decisions you’re not ready to make.  The process of buying windows should be pleasant, relaxed, and pressure-free — at most, it should be a bit exciting because you’re looking forward to your new windows.

Zen Windows Portland Practices What We Preach

If you trust the Golden Rules above, you can assure yourself of a great window buying experience. We know because our carefully developed customer-focused processes abide by every one of these rules.

If you’d like proof, get a quote today. From the moment you speak with us for the first time, it will be clear that we’re a different kind of Portland window company — a company committed to making your project experience excellent.

To learn more about Zen Windows Portland’s products, service, and installation process, call us at (866) 498-4239 or reach out online today


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