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Bay Window Installation and Replacement in Portland

Want to add timeless beauty and usable space to your Portland home? Consider bay windows. Zen Windows Portland provides expert bay window installation and replacement services. You can count on us to provide you with top-quality windows and installation services that will leave you with a beautiful result that you’ll love and enjoy for the years to come.

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What Are Bay Windows?

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Bay windows project outward from your home, creating an arc or boxed appearance that provides usable shelf, seating, or floor space. Most bay windows combine a large picture window or fixed window in the center, with two smaller windows on each side. The flanking windows can either be fixed or operable (casement and double-hung windows are popular choices), providing ventilation and a classic appearance.

Bay windows take up a considerable section of a room but provide additional usable space within the bay. These windows can be smaller, only taking up a quarter of a wall, or they can span nearly the entire length of the room. Homeowners typically use bay windows in lounges, seating areas, living rooms, bonus rooms, and rooms with a good view of the home’s landscape.

Advantages of Bay Windows

Installing bay windows will come along with many advantages, including:

  • Panoramic views and natural light
  • Additional usable space
  • Optional ventilation
  • Added home value

What’s the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

Bay and bow windows are often confused. Both protrude from the home, create usable indoor space, and create an arc on the exterior. The easiest way to know the difference is that the bay window will generally feature a singular, larger window in the center with two or more windows flanking. Bow windows have four or more panes, usually of equal size, that create a graceful and less polygonal arc. Bay windows typically create a larger bump-out than bow windows, so they require additional structural integrity.

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