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Bow Window Installation & Replacement in Portland, OR

bow window installed overlooking the backyardBow windows bring a layer of sophistication to your home’s architectural design. But they don’t just look good from the outside; they add light and ventilation to your home’s interior, and they frequently add enough floor space to house a window seat or accent furniture.

While bow windows are a type of bay window, their design is slightly different, and depending on your home’s other structural elements, one may be better suited for you than the other.

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What Are Bow Windows?

Composed of four to six windows, bow windows project from the home’s exterior in a soft, curved shape. This curved appearance is what distinguishes a bow window from a bay window: Because bow windows have more glass panes, they are able to achieve a gradual curve rather than the octagonal or hexagonal shape of bay windows. Additionally, bay windows protrude farther from the home than bow windows do. The structural design of your home, such as its proximity to the property line and its overhang, may determine for you whether a bay or bow window is your best option.

What Are the Advantages of Bow Windows?

Adding bow windows to your home provides not only sophistication and elegance, also increased curb appeal and market value. Bow windows’ profile is slimmer than that of bay windows, making them a better option for homes that are close to sidewalks. And a bow window’s four to six panes let in more natural light. Enjoy unobstructed panoramic views from the comfort of your window seat — an additional boon to bow window installation.

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Bow Windows FAQ

Are bow windows energy-efficient?

Bow windows can be highly efficient, but the energy efficiency of a bow window also depends on the type of window being used. A bow window with fixed windows will be slightly more efficient than a bow window that uses casement windows, since fixed windows have an unbroken seal around the entire perimeter.

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How do bow windows operate?

The operation of a bow window depends on the type of windows used to create it. If you choose fixed windows for your bow window, there’s no operation necessary. If you choose casement windows, which open outward from the side, you can open and close each individually to control the amount of ventilation.

Why should I install bow windows?

Homeowners often install bow windows for looks, ventilation, outdoor views, and natural light. Bow windows are unique in that they can be wrapped around corners to provide views from two different sides of the home.

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