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Garden Window Installation and Replacement in Portland, OR

Windows aren’t always just for light, ventilation, or style. Windows can also add depth and enhanced functionality to your home. For example, garden windows give homeowners the perfect way to brighten up a room by combining indoor and outdoor beauty. Not only that, they allow you space to house your own indoor plant garden. A type of bay window, garden windows operate as a kind of mini-greenhouse where plants and flowers can thrive. They’re a great opportunity for upgrading your home decor. These versatile windows would make a great addition in almost any home.

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What Are Garden Windows?

garden window with open sides and plants

Garden windows protrude slightly from the home’s exterior, usually by about 18 inches. Garden windows are often installed over the kitchen sink and provide the perfect space for a small, indoor garden to grow year-round. The glass panes provide more insulation than other bay windows, with one-inch thick glass protecting homeowners from the outdoor elements. However, if you’re looking to increase ventilation in the kitchen, the twin-sealed side vents make enjoying the fresh outdoor air quick and easy.

Garden Windows Pros and Cons

Because garden windows are so well insulated, they are more energy-efficient for homeowners. Not only a perfect way to increase the natural light and ventilation of your kitchen, garden windows also offer a unique space for decorating and year-round gardening. These one-of-a-kind windows are made of a PVC vinyl frame, making them stronger and more durable than other bay window types. If you want bay windows and you want to get the most out of your windows, garden windows are a great option.

One thing to consider when choosing to install a garden window is the fact that their structure lends itself to trapping more heat from the sunlight. Depending on your kitchen’s current ventilation, this may end up increasing your energy costs. This can be easily remedied, however, with higher quality, better insulated low-E glass. This con of garden windows has an easy solution, making installing garden windows in your home no trouble at all!

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Garden Window FAQ

What does a garden window look like?

Garden windows are like bay windows, except smaller. They normally are installed over the kitchen sink. They also protrude and create a small nook inside for plants or anything else you want to showcase.

Are garden windows energy-efficient?

Garden windows are available with energy-efficient glass. High-performance low-E insulating glass helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

What’s the difference between a bay window and a garden window?

Bay windows and garden windows differ in the way they’re used. Bay windows are used to create a focal point. Garden windows are typically much smaller and have an interior shelf you can place plants or other items on.

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