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Round-Top Window, Arched Window & Radius Window Replacement in Portland, OR

round top window installationRound-top windows are a great way to transform any space into something brighter, more stylish, and more beautiful. Also referred to as arched windows, half-moon windows, radius windows, or even lunettes, round-top windows are a powerful addition to your aesthetic arsenal when deciding how you want your new windows to look.

Not quite sure how to make use of round-top windows in your home? Don’t fret. The team at Zen Windows Portland can help you design and install round-top windows in a wide variety of styles, working with you from step one to identify your goals, needs, preferences, and constraints for your new windows.

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Types of Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows come in a wide variety of sizes and can be constructed to follow almost any common type of window styling, as you typically achieve the round-top design by installed rounded shape windows in an assembly with traditional windows. The most common types of arch windows include:

  • Fixed arch windows – In a fixed arch window, the entire window is non-operable. It is used as decoration, a source of light, or even a source of heat in certain climates.
  • Single-hung arch windows – With a single-hung arch window, the primary window features a single operating sash, meaning it can open at the top or the bottom, depending on the design.
  • Double-hung arch windows – Double-hung arch windows feature two sashes, which allow them to be opened at the top and bottom of the primary window.
  • Arch casement windows – With a casement window design, your arch window will open inward or, more commonly, outward along a hinge on the side, much like a door.

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What Are the Benefits of Round-Top Windows?

Round-top windows are frequently chosen over other window types to:

  • Offer a unique aesthetic to a particular room, bringing style and classic charm to the room in question
  • Add light, ventilation, and a sense of openness to a room
  • Decorate front-facing walls and entryways for your home, increasing street appeal
  • Help your windows look unique while preserving their current functionality

Our Types of Replacement Windows

To help our clients get exactly what they’re looking for in round-top replacement windows, Zen Windows Portland offers a diverse selection of styles, colors, grids, etc. We categorize our selection into three distinct lines of premium windows so that you can get the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

  • Karma – A double-pane window series built for performance, ease of operation, and energy efficiency.
  • Nirvana – An upgrade from the Karma line, adding improved thermal traits and a heavy-duty vent lock.
  • Lotus – A triple-paned model featuring your choice of Ultra S or Solar Ultra S Glass, reinforced with fiberglass for enhanced durability and security.
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Zen Windows Portland Is the Top Choice for Round-Top Widow Installation & Replacement throughout the Portland Area

Whether you’re looking for replacement windows for an existing arch window in your home or you’re looking to fully design and install new round-top windows in your home, the experts at Zen Windows Portland can make your dreams a reality. We’ll make the entire process of shopping, selection, and installation painless — and we won’t take a dime from you until your windows are installed and you’re fully satisfied.

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