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Slider Window Installation and Replacement in Portland & the Surrounding Areas

Slider windows are a great way for you to save space while adding tons of natural light and ventilation to your home. Their unique functionality is unobtrusive, allowing you to preserve more space in and around your home. A slider window also gives a more unobstructed view of your property. This simple solution for saving space and capturing natural light is great for any home.

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What Are Slider Windows?

Slider Window in Portland

Slider windows are like a traditional single- or double-hung window turned on its side, so the panes move horizontally instead of vertically. One or both of the sashes in slider windows can glide past one another on an aluminum track. The aluminum track keeps the window from warping to ensure a smooth gliding motion with each use. Slider windows are ideal for homes that need to conserve space both indoors and outdoors because they don’t open outward or inward. They are easy to use and don’t require the amount of maintenance that other windows do, such as crank-operated casement windows.

Slider Windows Pros & Cons

Slider windows’ simple design allows them to come in virtually any size, so you can allow as much or as little light into your living spaces as you want. Their structural simplicity also makes them super easy to use. User-friendly locks make security simple, while easy cleaning makes maintenance a breeze. Slider windows are much more cost-effective than other window options.

While certainly the least complicated and least expensive option, sliding windows are not without their issues. Homeowners living in windier, wetter climates claim sliding windows have more difficulty shutting and sealing in these environments. The aluminum track also tends to gather dust and dirt more easily than other window options, increasing the need to clean this area of the window frequently.

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